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About this site

This site is operated by Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council, which consists of financial organizations, corporations and municipalities in Shiga Prefecture, with the goal of contributing to the revitalization and security of local communities. The service launched in April 2016 and was renewed in April 2018 with cooperation from tourism organizations and media, to best serve users such as tourists and local communities.
Published site information regarding various sightseeing spots and events incorporates secondary information provided with permission by the following organizations:
Regarding data of facilities on the vicinity map (GPS linked), please see the section below on this page.

Organizations that have provided secondary information

Regarding data of facilities

Credit captions of data on the vicinity map (GPS linked) and explanation of use are below.
① ATM Data
Note: Please refer toShiga Bank’s Official Website for the latest status and more detailed regarding ATM information.


Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council
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