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Introducing Biwako Free Wi-Fi

In Shiga Prefecture, a region surrounded by mountains and home to Japan’s largest lake Biwako, where you can experience rich nature, history, and culture, Biwako Free Wi-Fi is available for use. Icons are displayed where Biwako Free Wi-Fi is available (Click the Wi-Fi hotspots on the right). Feel free to use it for Internet and SNS access on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
*Biwako Free Wi-Fi is promoted by the Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council, a consortium of economic organizations, corporations, and local governments. Methods of connecting may vary depending upon the location of use. See the How to Use page for more information.

 How to Use

On the settings screen of your smartphone or PC, turn on “Wi-Fi”, and choose “Biwako_Free_Wi-Fi” from the list of Wi-Fi connections (SSID).

 Notes on Use

These precautions are written for users to enjoy Biwako Free Wi-Fi safely and securely. Please read them before use.

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