Terms and Conditions


This Wi-Fi connection service is provided in collaboration by area owners (providers of Wi-Fi hotspots), telecommunications operators, the Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council, and its members (hereinafter “service providers”) for the purpose of promoting tourism and industry, enhancing disaster readiness, and providing greater convenience to residents of and visitors to Shiga Prefecture, as “Biwako Free Wi-Fi” (hereinafter “this service”) a free public wireless LAN service usable by anyone.
The Biwako Free Wi-Fi Service Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”) set forth necessary matters regarding use of this service.

2.Application of the Terms

The user must agree to the Terms in order to use this service. By starting use of this service, the user is considered to have agreed to all details of the Terms.
Japan, and when individual service providers have established separate terms and conditions in providing this service, the user must agree to those terms and conditions as well.

3.Details of this service

  1. (1)With this service, the user can connect to the Internet using the wireless LAN connection feature of their smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  2. (2)This service is free to use. However, any fee-based services that arise in using this service shall be the liability of the user regardless of the reason, and service providers shall not bear any liability whatsoever.
  3. (3)The SSID for using this service is “Biwako_Free_Wi-Fi”.
  4. (4)This service does not respond to inquiries regarding the settings or connection of the user’s smartphone, tablet, or PC.

4.Risk of public wireless LAN service

Because this service can be used by third parties besides the user, there is the possibility that malicious third parties will intentionally intercept the signals, or spy on personal information such as IDs, password, or credit card numbers, and the contents of communications such as email.
Users are advised to conduct security measures and important communications on devices using this service at their own judgment and liability.

5.Record of Use

  1. (1)This service shall be able to record identifying information such as hours of use, access history to websites, and terminal devices used when using this service, as well as connection status including setting information in order to assess usage, improve convenience for users, and check for unauthorized access.
  2. (2)If connection status is recorded in accordance with the provisions of the previous section, that connection status will not be publicized in a form that allows individual terminal devices to be identified. However, this does not apply in the event of a demand from a government agency or law enforcement investigative agency based on laws and regulations.


When using this service, in addition to acts provided for in laws and regulations, the user may not perform any of the following acts.

  1. (a)Acts that disturb or interfere with provision of this service or use of this service by other users
  2. (b)Acts that steadily or exclusively occupy bandwidth, which could inhibit the communications of other users
  3. (c)Acts that infringe on or that could infringe on the copyrights and other rights of service providers or third parties
  4. (d)Acts that infringe on or could infringe on the property or privacy of service providers or third parties
  5. (e)Acts that inflict damage or could inflict a disadvantage or damage on the service providers or third parties
  6. (f)Acts that slander the service providers or third parties
  7. (g)Acts that illegally collect or disclose information possessed by the service providers or third parties
  8. (h)Acts that are offensive to or could be offensive to public order and morals, or acts that provide information that is offensive to public order and morals
  9. (i)Criminal acts or acts that lead to or could lead to criminal acts
  10. (j)Acts that use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses through this service or in relation to this service
  11. (k)Acts that send, induce, or incite large volumes of mail either specifically or non-specifically, with the purpose of mail-order business, multilevel marketing, business opportunity related sales transactions, or the like
  12. (l)Acts that violate or could violate the Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access
  13. (m)Acts that are recognized as being likely to benefit the property of organized crime groups as defined by Article 2, Item 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act No 77 of 1991)
  14. (n)Acts with the purpose of providing service to third parties, regardless of whether they are fee-based or not
  15. (o)Other acts that the service providers determine to be inappropriate

7.Change, suspension, or cancellation of this service

This service is sometimes suspended due to failures, maintenance, or other reasons. The contents of this service may be changed, suspended, or canceled without notice to the user.


  1. (1)Service providers do not guarantee that this service will not have faults such as malfunctions, errors, or difficulties, or that the service will operate without interruption, nor do they guarantee its suitability for specific purposes. Service providers do not assume any obligation to restore or correct any manner of deficiencies in this service.
  2. (2)This service does not guarantee the connection or speed due to reception or line conditions.
  3. (3)Service providers do not assume any liability for damages or trouble arising from the user using this service or not using this service.
  4. (4)Service providers do not assume any liability for damages or trouble occurring to the user in the situations listed below, regardless of the cause.
    1. (a)When the service cannot be used due to the use environment of the user
    2. (b)When the service provider changes this service or stops the use of this service
    3. (c)When a malfunction occurs in the user’s device, OS, browser, various software, or peripheral devices, or when the user’s data is lost or damaged due to use of this service
    4. (d)When in this service, acts offensive to laws and regulations or public order and morals, or acts of defamation, insult, invasion of privacy, intimidation, slander, or harassment, occur between the users or between the user and a third party
  5. (5)Service providers do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or concurrence of information posted on this service, either expressly or implicitly. In addition, service providers do not assume any liability for any damages or trouble that happen to the user regarding information displayed on this service or changes or updates to that information.


The contents of the Terms are subject to change without the consent of the user and without prior warning.
When the user uses this service after changes to the Terms, the user is considered to have agreed to the Terms after these changes.
Japanese law shall be governing law for the Terms. In the event a dispute arises concerning this service or the Terms, it shall be submitted to the exclusive primary jurisdiction of the Otsu District Court.

Terms of Use for This Site


All contents on the “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site”, such as text, images, and graphics, are subject to copyright held by or licensed to Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council or a third party, and protected by copyright law.
Accordingly, users of “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site” may use or copy these materials for personal use only or any other use contained within the scope permitted under copyright law. Reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, if and when the copyright holder has indicated alternate terms and conditions for use with specific content, the content may be used in accordance with those alternate terms and conditions.
These materials may not otherwise be copied or diverted without explicit permission of the copyright holder beyond personal use or scope permitted under copyright law.

2.Linking to Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site from External Sites

Permission is not necessary to link to “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site” from external sites. Feel free to place a link on your site as you see fit.
However, we do not accept links from websites that violate either applicable local laws or the common standards of public order and decency.

3.Outbound Links from Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site

Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council does not guarantee or assume any liability for the contents of external sites that may be linked from “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site” for user convenience. For question regarding specific contents of such sites, please contact the site administrator.

4.Site Banner

If you wish to link “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site” on your site using a site banner image, please use the image below.
You may modify the size of the banner, but we do not authorize alterations of the text or image, or use for purposes other than linking to this site.
Biwako free wifi banner

5. The Range of Information Acquired by This Site.

Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site acquires information related to site interaction such as IP address and cookie data.

6. Use of Acquired Information

Such acquired information will be used by Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council while protecting personal information for the following purposes:
  • To improve usability, contents, etc. by analyzing site visit and usage behavior.
  • To address promotion strategies of Biwako Free Wi-Fi.
  • To analyze visitor traffic for enhancing the tourism industry in Shiga.
  • To protect the site from any illegal activities or security risks.

7. Disclaimer

We reserve the right to change, modify, delete or cease the contents on “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site” at any time without prior notice. While we make every effort to ensure veracity of the information, we shall not be responsible for immediate updates or changes. Please note that information on the website may not always be up to date.
Shiga Prefectural Free Wi-Fi Development Promotion Council does not assume any responsibility for actions that users conduct based on information from the “Biwako Free Wi-Fi Portal Site.”

Privacy Policy

We will handle personal information appropriately in compliance with The Shiga Prefecture Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information (Shiga Prefecture Ordinance No. 8 Issued in 1995) when collecting, using or providing such information.